Friday, 22 November 2013

1st prize at #SXSC3 Dragon's Den Business Plan Competition

It's a little hard to take in winning this incredible prize!

It will go a long way towards getting 3DBARE to proof-of-concept and beyond. 

Many, many thanks to the panel and the conference organisers of #SXSC3 !

For more about 3DBARE, our engine for Music You Can Walk Inside, and to get involved, please get in touch via 
Twitter (#benjaminmawson), 
Soundcloud (benjamin_mawson) or 

Some key things about 3DBARE: 
Sound You Can Walk Inside

  • software to give listeners virtual experience of walking inside music.
  • translates motion-tracking into multi- channel binaural audio rendering.
3DBARE packages site- and event-specific audio content, creating a connection between digital and real-world experience through being situated at a physical location.

It will be used at a new kind of event that combines elements of concert, exhibition, silent disco, funhouse, public garden, dreamscape.

3DBARE allows listeners to move and make a virtual exploration of a soundscape: permits annotation of a space with audio that enhances both listening experience and individuals' connection to a place.

Why we think 3DBARE is essential:
• Digital studios permit ‘impossible’ music and sonic textures of greater complexity than can be fully heard through standard (loudspeaker) relay.
• Loudspeaker listening same as a CD or a gramophone record – it is passive and fixed, identical on each audition.
• Loudspeaker spatialisation is unconvincing, complex and expensive.
• Wireless headsets offer freedom to investigate sound as though it were a
physical structure.
• This permits recorded digital sound to be explored from continually changing perspectives.
• 3DBARE achieves a significant step towards "digital liveness".

To find out more and to get involved - send us your email address and we will get straight back to you