Saturday, 26 January 2013

Heart of a Dog

I've been off radar for some time, giving presentations and developing new collaborations of which more shortly...

Meanwhile, I couldn't turn down the invitation to create sound effects for a new adaptation of Bulgakov's incredible political satire "Heart of a Dog"

The production opens at the Old Operating Theatre, St Thomas St, London SE 1, on Wednesday 30 January 2013.

Set in 1920s Moscow and partly narrated by Sharik the eponymous mutt, it's the tale of his relationship with a medical Professor who experiments on him, turning him into a sort of man, with distinctly doggy traits.

While posing some glaring questions on the ethics of experimental medicine, the play is a darkly funny investigation of how we interact, view our miniature worlds with over-inflated importance and ultimately fail to hear each other speak.

The scope for weirdly combined, dreamlike sonic representations of a fictional, historic, foreign, bizarre, wintry setting was greatly appealing.

I have just enjoyed representing the Professor's affairs starting to get out of hand with a gradual perversion of a simulated gramophone recording of his favourite song.

Creating a snowstorm and a fumble for heavy keys on outside steps in a century-old street was another challenge.

Perhaps the greatest so far has been what the dog dreams as he is anaesthetised. I am still working like a dog on it and hope a reader or two may make it to the show.

Director Valeriy Simonchuk brings passion and assurance to this production and the gaudily talented cast bring this strange and compelling piece colourfully to life in the Old Operating Theatre's perfectly creepy surroundings.

It will also be on at the Old Theatre at the LSE "Space for Thought" Literary Festival 2013, on Monday 25 February.

Full festival programme here:

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