Monday, 2 December 2013

Annotating Landscape with Audio: 6 December,

You are invited to join us this Friday 6th December for a practical training session on geo-located soundscapes tool noTours.  
Please email lw4 [at] soton [dot] ac [dot] uk to book a free place.
Lunch will be provided and parking is available on site.

Introductory seminar on
notours software for Android
presented by Benjamin Mawson

6 December 2013, 10 am – 4 pm
Avenue Campus (Building 65, Room 2149)
University of Southampton

Outline of Day – approximate timings:
A mix of short introductory talks and hands-on development.

10.00 Welcome and Introduction:
- Concepts and background to situated soundscapes
- Technical and editorial issues
- The editor interface
- New software developments
- Starting to work with the editor Interface

11.00 Break

11.15 First practical session:
- getting used to the interface
- creating project zones and editing sound behaviours

12.15 Site visit and discussion
- assessing the situational setting for your soundwalk
- topography, function and routes
- ambient noises & acoustic responses

12.30 Lunch

13.00 Second practical session:
- building your first geo-located soundscape
- GPS and open spaces
- managing files and folders
14.00 Field test 1 (Test your design in situ using gps-enabled Android):
- what was most and least effective
- feedback and discussion

14.30 Break
14.45 Third practical session and field test 2:
- Editing and developing your soundscape

15.45 Summary

16.00 Close

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