Tuesday, 8 October 2013

More notes from "Functional Sounds, 2013"

“Noise(s) as Music” Solveig Ottman

noise: “any undesired sound either one that is intrinsically objectionable or interferes with other sounds that are being listened to” Encyclopedia Brittanica Online.

The sounds of MRT examined
Magnetic resonance tomography – 3D imaging by creating ‘slices’ or layers at any point through a structure
tomo-  = cut
graph- = writing

music: “the art and science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds or tones in varying melody, harmony, rhythm and timbre especially so as to form structurally complete and emotionally expressive compositions.” Webster online.

see also
Paul Hegarty , Noise/Music A History

Haus Arafna: Mirror Me
"oscillators instead of instruments; frequency modulation instead of notes; voltage control instead of computer control; abstraction instead of perfection; reduction instead of saturation; high density instead of high fidelity; energy instead of entertainment"

see also
Volkova (Argentina)   and
Blixa Bargeld

The Case of the Theatrophone 1881-1936
Melissa Van Drie
A subscription service to wealthy opera and theatre goers to use the early telephone as a means of listening to live broadcasts.

A bizarre tale of  technology , often more effective through its imaginary rather than its experiential qualities, exemplified well by the disappointing reality of listening to the theatrophone.

see also Richard O’Monroy, Service de Nuit, 1892, reporting on watching listeners to the Theatrophone

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