Sunday, 20 October 2013

Virtual Piano Study No.1

As I mixed my 'factory' pianos with Conlon Nancarrow's ancient Ampico player-piano (thanks again to Trimpin who obtained and shared it), I started to feel as though each instrument should occupy a different (virtual) physical space. 
Like characters in separate rooms, speaking to, at, over, against, about, in spite of each other.
We move through a series of shadowy places, sometimes close, tight interiors then through warped thresholds to unreal open sky. 

This music is an exercise in 

  • using the sound sources, themselves alone and in uncomfortable combination, 
  • in auditory credulity and credibility, 
  • in exploring the essence of 'realism' and the 'realistic', 
  • how virtual space can be created through delay, reverberation, texture 
  • . . . and retained (after lossy compression to stereo mp3) for headphone listening
  • and in dramatising the wordless languages of musical dreams from which I often wake to sit staring at the dark. 

At those apparently silent moments, music like this has its beginnings. 

Please spend a few seconds to say what you see/ smell/ think of as you hear this:
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